Mark another one off the list…

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of things I’ve done that I’ve always wanted to do! ๐Ÿ™‚ Seattle Trip 2007 was officially a success.

I’ve never been more nervous to fly in my life. My dad kept freaking me out with stories of us being stranded in seperate airports or one of us in Seattle and the other somewhere in the middle of the country. Fortunately everyone made it to Seattle AND on time!

Dad and I took a cab to our hostel. Yep, I said it…our hostel. We arrived at The Green Tortoise around 9pm or so and started to settle in.

Dad with his liquids only bag.

Our bunkbeds.

Getting comfy in my top bunk.

We went out searching for food and ended up at Wasabi Bistro for some fancy fish and chips.

Apparently traveling all day makes people tired so Dad and I made it an early night. But you know they say…early to bed, early to rise!

The next morning we started off with the Pike Place Market.

As we entered the market we were greeted by Rachel, the unofficial Pike Place Market mascot. Rachel has served as a piggy bank since 1986 and has collected over $100,000.

Dad with Rachel

Erin making a deposit!

We spent the morning walking around the stalls through the market as the vendors were opening up. Vegetables, fruits, fish and other assorted goodies began to fill the market.

We sat down for breakfast at the Athenian Inn. This restaurant is right in the middle of the Pike Place Market and it overlooks Elliot Bay. It was great food and I learned that bananas w/ cream does not mean whip cream, but real cream. Creepy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also realized that this was the same restaurant that Tom Hanks sits in with his buddy as in Sleepless in Seattle while they discuss getting back on the dating scene. YIPPEE! A Sleepless in Seattle moment.

I had read that there were many โ€œbuskersโ€, or performers, throughout the market. Unlike NYC where anyone can set up shop on the street, buskers have to apply for a permit. Then they have to stand in the designated spot marked by a music note with a number in it. The number represents the max number of performers in that spot.

One of our favorite buskers was the Cat Psychic. He claimed he could communicate with cats and had a unique ability to make cats do what he wanted. Dad, of course, had to chat with him and I took pictures. Check out the music note behind him!

After our stroll through the market we took our first trip on the Seattle Monorail. The monorail is a 2 minute ride that covers 1 mile. Its a nice view of the city and a quick way to get to the Seattle Center.

Dad and I on the monorail.

We lucked out and got a beautiful day…perfect for a trip up to the top of the Space Needle!

The “O Deck” is 520 feet off of the ground and provides a view of Seattle’s skyline, views of Pudget Sound and a breathtaking look at the surrounding mountains.

We did a bit of looking around the gift shop after our trip up to the O Deck and I spotted these odd round balls right outside. We just couldn’t help ourselves…

Dad even decided it was a good place for a nap!

Next stop was the Olympic Sculpture Park”.

One of the first things we saw were these cool pods to take a break in. Come to find out…they are part of the sculpture park too!

These pods, called Capula XVI and Capula XVII, are made by Pedro Reyes as part of an ongoing exhibit he has around the world. The vinyl pods are made by Mexican craftspeople using traditional basket weaving techniques. I was a bit nervous getting in at first. Who wants to be the person who broke a piece of art?!

I wish I would have taken the picture of Dad trying to get in the pod. Much funnier!

Just like any abstract museum, some of the sculpture ideas were lost on Dad and I. However, one piece of art that caught our eye was the Typewriter X. Not only is it an interesting piece, but we had seen it before! When I lived in Connecticut I got lost one day and found myself driving around some super fancy schmancy neighborhood. As I was driving down the last street in the back of a neighborhood I noticed that the front yard of one of the mansions was filled with all types of large works of art, including this Typewriter Eraser! I’m not sure how it ended up in Seattle though. Could there be two in the world?!

Determined to use every mode of transportation in Seattle, we hopped on the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar.

The last stop was International District (formally known as Chinatown) and booked it to the recommended Dim Sum restaurant. You know you have arrived in ID when you see the dragons on either side of the street.

We had some lunch, stopped for bubble tea and hopped back on the bus. Unfortunately, my map skills were lacking at that time so we ended up going around in a big circle and finished up right back in the ID. It was time to walk back apparently! On the way back to the hostel we ran into Pioneer Square. This area is full of fun shops, museums, public pieces of sculpture and tons of restaurants and bars. Its also home to Pioneer Square Park, Seattle’s first permanent se

Totem pole from the Tlingit American Indian village, located in Occidental Park.

The oddest parking garage ever!

Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial
-Located in Occidental Park and its a tribue to the 34 firefighters who have died in the line of duty in Seattle.

We finished off the night with dinner at The Pink Door. The Italian restaurant was just down the street from where we were staying but due to its unmarked door, it took us awhile to find it. It was packed so Dad and I enjoyed dinner at the bar. Big surprise, huh?!

The mystery pink door to the restaurant.

Last stop for the night was Kells, an Irish bar in Post Alley right down from the market.

Cheers to our first full day in Seattle! It was long, but lots of fun!